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Our Service Centre

We at Cyclepath Oakville pride ourselves on our expertise in both high-performance and leisure bicycles and boast quick turn-around on most service and modification jobs. Our Service Department is equipped to offer a complete line of services including initial assembly, maintenance, and repairs.

We are available for queries and questions that you may have about your bike and maintenance at any time. 

We operate on a first in, first out basis. No appointments needed. During our peak seasons wait time WILL INCREASE.

Basic Adjustment


Complete adjustment of front and rear brakes and shifting

Lubrication of the chain, and tire air top up

Full Tune Up and Safety Inspection


Complete adjustment of brakes, shifting, headset, B.B, axle cones and wheel true

Lubrication of chain, tire top up and safety check of all components

Annual Peak Performance


Includes all features of the Full Tune Up

Plus disassembly of the crank set, chain, cassette and front/rear derailleur for cleaning in parts washer

Peak Performance Plus


Includes all features of the Full Tune Up

Complete mechanical disassembly of drivetrain for parts washer

Rebuilding of front/rear hub bearings

Comprehensive Overhaul


Complete mechanical disassembly of entire bike

All parts thoroughly cleaned

Rebuild of B.B, headset and front/rear hubs

Wheel truing, lubrication of all moving parts and set up of brakes and shifting

Full Suspension MTB Overhaul


Mechanical disassembly of entire bike and linkage

All parts thoroughly cleaned, removal, rebuild and lubrication of B.B, headset, front/rear hubs plus linkage

Includes wheel true and set up of brakes and shifting